Saint Roch Church

Saint Roch church in Ajaccio is a Neoclassical architecture style building from 1897.

Building the Church of Saint-Roch within Cours Napoleon, in central Ajaccio, became of current interest when the districts population grew rapidly during the mid-19th century.

This is why the city decided upon building of a new church, to a location within the city district called ‘Fortino’.

Saint Roch church Ajaccio France

PHOTO: Church of Saint-Roch facade, as seen from Cours Napoleon, Ajaccio’s main street.

Église Saint-Roch was built from plans by architect Maglioli in a Neoclassical style, replacing San Rucchellu prayer room (built in 1599) as the meeting place for the congregation.

Nearby the church, you can find several other Ajaccio tourist attractions, such as Musée Fesch and cathedral of Ajaccio.