Salzburg Modern Art Museum

Salzburg Modern Art Museum is located at a wonderful place on top of Mönchsberg, and provides a cavalcade of post-WWII modern and contemporary art.

The modern art museum in Salzburg aims to be…

  • a link between the artists and art enthusiasts on one hand, and
  • a link between the Austrian and International art community, on the other hand.

Located on one of the best places in Salzburg, the museum building has four floors, including museum restaurant “Mönchsberg 32”.

The restaurant is worth a visit just for its restaurant terrace, with wonderful views to the city down below.

Salzburg Museum of Modern Art

PHOTO: Salzburg’s Modern Art Museum, as seen from (pedestrian) Mozart bridge, leading to the center of the old town. The boat you can see in the front is “Amadeus Salzburg“, which makes sightseeing tours to the Salzach river, from mid-April up to mid-October.

The museum also has another, affiliated museum in the city, “Rupertinum”.

That museum is housed within a Baroque style townhouse in central Salzburg, opposite Franziskanerkirche.

Rupertium, for its part, focuses on graphic artworks, but its temporary exhibitions also have themes from other artforms.

Together, these two modern art museums offer about 3,000 square meters (32,291 sq.ft) of exhibition space of 20th and 21st century art, and for a section of the collection from Austria’s photography gallery.

You can easily get to the modern art museum building, walking, for example, via the stairs from Toscaninihof (next to the Festspielhaus building)…

…from where the journey to the top of Mönchsberg and to the Museum der Moderne takes about 15 minutes.