San Clemente Palace Venice Italy

San Clemente Palace Venice Italy is a 5 star resort hotel with an ideal location especially for families, but also for sports enthusiasts (with nearby golf, swimming pool, etc.) and for business people.

People who visit Venice have different motivates as guests to the city. Regardless of the reason for the holiday, one thing that is constant is that guests to the San Clemente Palace Hotel & Resort will have an oasis of serenity where to escape from the narrow streets of Venice and the crowds of Piazza San Marco.

San Clemente Palace Venice Italy

PHOTO: View to the island of San Clemente and the San Clemente Palace Venice Italy resort buildings from air.

The island where the hotel is located is a very interesting place.

The first settlements on the island were established in 1131, when a wealthy nobleman, Peter Gattilesso, had the Church of San Clemente built. Soon after, the island saw many famous events, one of which was the start of the great crusades, with crusaders leaving for the Holy Land from the island’s residences.

However, towards the end of the 13th century, the island’s significance diminished with the diminishing number of pilgrims, and the area became a quiet monastery.

From the sixteenth century, the island of San Clemente lived the quiet life as the place for the Convent of Charity, with the old convent rebuilt to make it more capable of accommodating distinguished guests, who came to visit Venice.

One of the high profile guests who stayed at the island was Emperor Frederick III of the Holy Roman Empire in 1451, with a large following of soldiers and assistants. The Doge of Venice came to see him, in a historical meeting, to his residence at San Clemente.

Later, from 1645 the Camaldolese monks settled on the island of San Clemente and stayed there until 1810, when, by a Napoleonic decree, religious orders were abandoned in Venice.

The present building dates back to the period of Austrian rule in the mid-19th century, which it was completely restored and preserved for the opening of the resort in 2003.

As a place to stay in Venice, San Clemente Palace Hotel & Resort features a total of 200 rooms and suites, all spacious and charming, bright and elegant, many providing views of the Lagoon of Venice, the palace park, or the beautiful gardens of the island.

Some rooms at the resort are designed to accommodate guests with physical disabilities.

The hotel’s restaurant has a menu that contains tastes and aromas of traditional Venetian cuisine, while the resorts summer restaurant, La Laguna, has dishes from the traditions of the Mediterranean region, all prepared with a touch of Italian modernity.

San Clemente Palace Hotel & Resort
San Clemente Island 1, San Marco
30124 Venice – Italy

The San Clemente Palace Hotel & Resort is located on an private island, at about 12 minutes ride from Piazza San Marco using a private water shuttle, which is provided free of charge for guests (within regular hours).

Keep in mind that the island of San Clemente is not accessible by public transport. Thus, you need to use the private shuttles offered by the resort or use one of the available water taxis to reach the resort.