Shopping in Paris France

A look at shopping in Paris France — the city’s best shopping streets, shopping centers, and department stores around Paris.

In addition to the many monuments and tourist attractions, Paris is perhaps best known for as a great place for shopping, especially clothing and fashion related products.

Rue Saint Honore Paris France

Rue Faubourg Saint-Honoré is one of the best shopping streets in Paris, especially for designer fashion, stylish furniture, and luxury cosmetics.

The arrondissement, city district, of Faubourg Saint-Honoré is widely known as the center for Parisian and international fashion…

…which is why you’ll find boutiques from several of the most famous global fashion brands, such as Versace, Hermes, and Yves Saint Laurent.

Shopping streets and squares in the district that are especially worth checking out include…

  • Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré,
  • Rue Saint-Honoré,
  • Rue de la Paix, and
  • Place Vendome.

Paris Printemps department store

Most famous and biggest Parisian grands magasins departments stores are found at the Boulevard Haussmann, including Belle Epoque style department stores for two Parisian department store institutions…

  • Galeries Lafayette ( and
  • (pictured above) Paris Printemps (

These department stores have a wide range of products, including fashion collections for men and women, gourmet food sections, home design products, jewelry, and home electronics.

Champs Elysees Paris France

Champs-Elysees avenue (pictured above) is one of the most famous and most expensive shopping streets in the world, where you’ll find the Paris flagship stores for many brands, including Louis Vuitton.

Even though Champs Elysees has the highest profile of the shopping streets in the area, you should tour some of the adjacent streets, including Avenue Montaigne, with clothing chain stores and designer fashion from brands such as Dior ja Chanel.

To find a bit more unique clothing and products on your shopping in Paris France, you should check out the arrondissement of Marais.

There you’ll find lots of boutiques from upcoming, relatively unknown fashion designers, as well as antique shops, stores selling Parisian jewelry, and shops for original art.

Marais boutiques and shops are especially along…

  • Rue des Francs-Bourgeois,
  • Place des Vosges, rue de Turenne, and
  • Rue des Rosiers.

Also, you should tour the Paris district of Saint-Germain-des-Prés for shopping, with streets such as:

  • Boulevard Saint-Germain,
  • Rue St. André-des-Arts, and
  • Rue de Sèvres…

offering exceptionally good varieties of stylish boutiques and stores, bookshops, interior decoration shops, plus signature shops for fashion brands such as Paco Rabanne and Sonia Rykiel.

Arrondissement Saint-Germain-des-Prés also contains the famous Le Bon Marché ( department store, a genuine Parisian experience by itself.

Forum des Halles central square Paris France

Paris is not particularly well-known for its shopping centers, with the notable exception being the Forum des Halles, located within central Paris.

The pictured view above is to the shopping center’s unique architecture from the mall’s central square.

Forum des Halles is located at a place, where ancient Parisian marketplace called Les Halles had been operating almost ever since the city was founded.

The current Forum des Halles shopping center has a wide variety of shopping, including chain clothing stores, high-fashion brand boutiques, popular eateries, one of the most popular Starbucks cafes in Paris, and, a multiplex movie theater.

Streets surrounding the Forum des Halles are also full of opportunities to do shopping, especially within…

  • Rue de Rivoli,
  • Rue Pierre-Lescot,
  • Rue Etienne Marcel, and
  • Rue de Turbigo.

You should also take a look at Rue Montorgueil, especially if you are looking to locate young, upcoming designer fashion. As an example of this, rue Montorgueil has a signature boutique for Barbara Bui.

To make your shopping in Paris France easier, the Paris Convention and Visitors Bureau (PCVB) has a “web shopping portal”, located at