Street Map of Venice Italy

A review of street map of Venice Italy resources for some of the most memorable landmarks, buildings, and canals, made available by online maps services such as Google Maps and from downloadable services.

Below are some of the best map services that you can use both at home before your holiday in Venice, or, if you bring your smartphone to Italy, also over the mobile broadband network in the city of Venice.

Mappery Venice Street Map

Mappery is a great aggregation service, providing maps from several online sources in one location. Some of their best maps are about Italy, from original sources such as and from the Venice Tourism Board.

If you are planning day tours to nearby cities, like Verona, you can also find maps for these tours from the online service.

In addition to street maps, other maps for Venice available from Mappery include:

Tourist Map
Canal Map
Guide Map
Aerial Map
Map of Venice’s Jewish Ghetto

Google Maps – Street Map of Venice

Google Maps is the world’s most used online mapping service, which also powers many third-party map services, as well as the Google Ride Finder and Google Transit services.

For Venice, you can tour the city using Google Maps with a route planner for traveling by foot, by public transport and with an business locator for different types of services along your itinerary.

Venice maps from Google also feature satellite and terrain views, which are useful for planning your routes along the canals and narrow alleyways. In similar vein, from July 2010, a 45-degree ‘bird’s eye’ aerial view mode has been available for the city, offering you to inspect the Venetian buildings in much more intimate detail.

The 45-degree view is useful, for example, for evaluating the type of views you are likely to have from your hotel room during your stay, and for seeing how much pedestrian traffic the hotel’s vicinity is likely to have.


Venice Connected ‘Canal Street View’

If you are familiar with the Google ‘Street View’ maps, with which you can tour cities streets from the viewpoint of a pedestrian/driver, you’ll also appreciate the similar service for Venice canals, provided by Venice Connected.

The service is marketed as ‘Virtual Map of City of Venice’, and allows you to navigate the Venetian canals like a gondolier would, with museums, city landmarks, and businesses marketed within the way as points of interest.