Tollwood Festival

Tollwood festival is a winter event in Munich, organized from 1988, featuring circus, varietee shows, cabaret, and Christmas market with 200 sellers.

The annual festival takes place from late November to 31st of December, with…

  • live bands,
  • DJs, and,
  • as a highlight of the festival — a New Year’s waltz.

When at the event, if you want to see:

  • circus,
  • opera,
  • clownerie, or
  • varietee…

… by both German and international performers, head for the main festival tent.

Venue for the festival is Theresienwiese, home field also forOktoberfest, the world’s largest ‘volksfest‘ (folk festival).

Tollwood contains its own elements of a folk festival, especially with culinary specialties from many regions, including Bavaria, Eastern Europe, and Americas.

The festival also organizes a Christmas market, the ‘Tollwood Markt der Ideen’, with a wide variety of Christmas gift ideas from over 200 sellers.

During these Munich Christmas markets, there are also Christmas music at the markets, around the main nativity scene.

Tollwood skating rink, meanwhile, provides visitors a chance to practice their skating skills (you can rent skates from the rink).

Tollwood also organizes a summer event, the Tollwood Summer Festival.

Instead of Theresienwiese, the summer version of the event takes place in Olympiapark, a purpose-built park for the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich.

The summer festival highlights include

  • international musicians and concerts,
  • drama theater,
  • marionette theater,
  • literary cafe, and
  • Markt der Ideen summer market (with crafts & food).

To plan your visit to these events, one of the best resources is the official website, at