Torre Monumental

Torre monumental in Buenos Aires is the city’s historical clocktower, a gift to the city by its British residents in 1916.

The clocktower, which was called, up to 1982, as ‘Torre de los Ingleses’ (The Tower of the English), is located opposite Retiro train station, and very close to the main bus station in Buenos Aires, in the middle of Plaza Fuerza Aérea Argentina square.

Torre Monumental Buenos Aires

PHOTO: A view to clocktower from the adjacent Plaza Fuerza Aérea Argentina square.

Dieu et Mon Droit Torre Monumental Buenos Aires

PHOTO: The clocktower was a gift from the city’s British residents, and due to these origins, there are several details commemorating this fact, such as the pictured coat of arms, which contains allegorical symbols for England (lion) and Scotland (unicorn), as well as the text in French: “Dieu et Mon Droit”.

VIDEO: A tour of the landmark.

British community in Buenos Aires donated the clocktower to the city, to commemorate the 100 year anniversary of the revolution of May 1810.

The clocktower, which architect Ambrose Macdonald Poynter designed in ‘Palladio’ architecture style, was entirely build (excluding water and sand materials) of building materials imported from England, including limestone from Portland and bricks from Leicester.

The 8-storey tower, which is 75.5 meters tall, contains several details that are there as a reference to the origins of the donation, and these details include several types of English and Scottish coats of arms.

On top of the clocktower, at a height of about 50 meters, there are the facade clocks, made out of British precious stone, while at 35 meters, there are also 5 bronze church bells and a sound system, which has been designed to copy the church bells at Westminster Abbey.

Adjacent to the dome-like top, there is also a observation platform, which features wonderful, panoramic views over the city.

Opening hours for the observation platform are announced via the official website, available