Tourism in Venice Italy

In terms of tourism in Venice Italy, the place is among the most important tourist destinations on earth, thanks to its famous works of art, unique location, and architecture.

On an average day, the city receives around 50,000 vacationers, making it the 28th most visited place on the planet, with approximately 2.927 million global arrivals each year.

Since the 18th century, Venice has been a major holiday destination, first as a major center for the “Grand Tour” of wealthy Europeans, who came here to see the gorgeous cityscape, atmosphere, culture and music, as well as the many monuments from the regions glorious history.

During the 1800s, the wealthy and the rich & famous who came here, usually stayed and dined at such luxury luxury establishments as the Danieli Hotel and Caffè Florian, both still in operation. The city’s trendiness as a destination on “Grand Tour” continued into the early 20th century.

Punta della Dogana Venice Italy

PHOTO: View to one of the tourist attractions in Venice, the triangle-shaped Punta della Dogana, a former customs building, now an art museum.

However, the city has been reinventing itself especially since the 1980s, and today, Venice is associated with such major events as the Venetian Carnival, the exclusive Venice Biennale, and also the Venice Film festival.

With these events, the city has, once again, become an European center for theater, movie productions, fine arts, and music.

Also, most of the city’s tourist attractions, such as Saint Mark’s Basilica, Rialto bridge, and Doge’s Palace, are kept in excellent condition, bringing in tourists to enjoy the historical importance of the buildings around the Grand Canal.

Lido di Venezia, where the Venice International Film Festival is held at, is considered a world-class vacation spot with its private beaches, attracting especially high profile celebrities throughout the year.

Another major ingredient in the city’s popularity as a holiday destination are the many cruiseliners who make port here.

However, Venice’s popularity as a major tourism destination has also caused a number of problems, such as the fact that the city can be quite congested during high season for tourism, and often (in the summer period), there are more tourists in the city than there are actual residents.

In fact, because many tourists fall in love with the place, and consider a second home here, the residential prices have skyrocketed, and many locals have moved elsewhere in Veneto, particularly to Mestre, on the mainland side of Venice.