Train from Rome to Venice

Train from Rome to Venice is available as Frecciargento high speed trains, as well as InterCity, InterCityNotte, and EuroNight connections.

Of these three options, Frecciargento has been a category of Italian train service Trenitalia since June 2012, when these trains replaced, together with Frecciarossa category of trains, high velocity Eurostar Italy trains in the country.

The Frecciargento bullet train service is operated with (tilting) Pendolino trains ETR 485, ETR 600, and ETR 610, offering top speeds of 250 km / h, reaching destinations such as Venice, Verona, Padua, Brescia, Lecce and Reggio Calabria.

The Pendolino trains, compared to conventional trains, raise the traveling speeds on conventional railway lines, thanks to their L ‘”tilting” feature.

The tilting allows the trains to be used on mixed railway line connections, consisting of high-speed lines and conventional lines.

With this characteristic, the Frecciargento trains allowed new high speed connections from/to Roe from both Italy’s North-East and South of the country, shortening travel times to the capital.

All of the Frecciargento trains provide interiors designed for maximum comfort to passengers, with air-conditioning and soundproofing, as well as with great visibility to the outside of the train cars.

On-board train services, for guests traveling in first class, include a choice of Italian newspapers. For all customers, there is a service bar / bistro with sandwiches and a wide range of hot and cold drinks.

Frecciargento trains connect destinations between Rome and Venice, Verona / Brescia / Bolzano, Bari / Lecce, Lamezia Terme / Reggio Calabria and between Naples and Venice.

High Speed Train from Rome to Venice

PHOTO: Italian Frecciargento train at a station.

InterCity (IC) in Italy, meanwhile, is a class of railway service that consists of trains with a maximum speed of 200 km / h, connecting major cities with a reduced number of stops at intermediate stations.

As of 2013, InterCity Italy trains connect more than 200 stations in Italy, including routes between Venezia Mestre and Roma Termini.

Euronight/EuroNotte (abbreviation EN), on the other hand, is an international overnight train service that was introduced in 1993, providing sleeping cars and sleeperettes as part of the service.

Below is the complete list of trains from Rome to Venice with time of departure and arrival. As these timetables change all the time, please check the most current timetables from

Roma Termini-Venezia S. Lucia 06:55-10:35 (travel time 03:40) FRECCIARGENTO 9402

Roma Termini-Venezia S. Lucia 07:55-11:35 (travel time 03:40) FRECCIARGENTO 9406

Roma Termini-Venezia S. Lucia 08:40-12:20 (travel time 03:40) FRECCIARGENTO 9408

Roma Termini-Venezia S. Lucia 08:55-12:35 (travel time 03:40) FRECCIARGENTO 9410

Roma Termini-Venezia S. Lucia 09:55-13:35 (travel time 03:40) FRECCIARGENTO 9414

Roma Termini-Ve. Mestre 10:32-16:36 (travel time 06:04) Intercity 588

Roma Termini-Venezia S. Lucia 10:40-14:20 (travel time 03:40) FRECCIARGENTO 9416

Roma Termini-Venezia S. Lucia 10:55-14:35 (travel time 03:40) FRECCIARGENTO 9418

Roma Termini-Venezia S. Lucia 11:55-15:35 (travel time 03:40) FRECCIARGENTO 9422

Roma Termini-Venezia S. Lucia 12:55-16:35 (travel time 03:40) FRECCIARGENTO 9426

Roma Termini-Venezia S. Lucia 13:55-17:35 (travel time 03:40) FRECCIARGENTO 9430

Roma Termini-Venezia S. Lucia 14:55-18:35 (travel time 03:40) FRECCIARGENTO 9434

Roma Termini-Ve. Mestre 15:35-21:38 (travel time 06:03) Intercity 592

Roma Termini-Venezia S. Lucia 15:55-19:35 (travel time 03:40) FRECCIARGENTO 9438

Roma Termini-Venezia S. Lucia 16:40-20:20 (travel time 03:40) FRECCIARGENTO 9440

Roma Termini-Ve. Mestre 16:55-20:21 (travel time 03:26) FRECCIARGENTO 9442

Roma Termini-Venezia S. Lucia 17:30-20:44 (travel time 03:14) FRECCIARGENTO 9444

Roma Termini-Venezia S. Lucia 17:55-21:35 (travel time 03:40) FRECCIARGENTO 9446

Roma Termini-Venezia S. Lucia 18:55-22:35 (travel time 03:40) FRECCIARGENTO 9450

Roma Termini-Ve. Mestre 19:12-01:02 (travel time 05:50) Euronight 234

Roma Termini-Venezia S. Lucia 19:55-23:35 (travel time 03:40) FRECCIARGENTO 9454

Roma Termini-Venezia S. Lucia 22:35-05:20 (travel time 06:45) InterCityNotte 774