Train London to Venice

A look into the train London to Venice service from Orient-Express, which uses the route London-Paris-Venice.

Venice Simplon-Orient-Express trains, in fact, are not like most other ways of traveling in a train, as these are premium priced journeys between the destinations.

The company’s 17 blue and gold decorated carriages criss-cross the continent between London and Venice for more than 30 weeks a year, with the Venice Simplon-Orient-Express trains having 11 sleeping cars to choose from, all built between 1926 and 1931, and showcasing classical elegance.

To live this adventure as if was done in the 1920s and 1930s, the train toilets, for example, have been restored to their original, identical condition, and provide hot water produced by small stoves.

Other cars in the train are also immersed in the era of “the roaring twenties”, in that every detail has been designed to remain faithful to the luxurious styles of that era.

Train London to Venice Italy

PHOTO: Venice Simplon-Orient-Express’ first class 20 seat kitchen car ‘Vera’, built in 1932, at London Victoria station.

Day 1: London. The railway journey aboard the Orient Express begins at London Victoria station, where your steward will show you to your reserved cabin seating, where you can sit back and enjoy the start to the adventure.

Lunch, meanwhile, is served while traveling through the countryside of Kent, with the crossing of the Channel shortly after. The dinner is a delicious four-course experience, prepared by the train’s French chefs.

Afterwards, you can retire to your cabin, which has been transformed into a cozy bedroom during the meal.

Day 1: Paris. The train makes a stop at the station in Paris.

Day 2: Innsbruck. You wake up to the magnificent scenery of the Swiss Alps, with breakfast being served into your cabin.

You can spend the morning relaxing in your cabin, or alternatively, in the train’s Bar Car chatting with other travelers.

A leisurely three-course lunch is served in another of the restaurant cars of the train. Afterwards, you can enjoy the afternoon admiring the passing scenery, as the train travels towards Italy.

When the scenery changes to the Dolomites, afternoon tea is served into your cabin.

Day 3: Venice. It is time to prepare for the arrival, as the train crosses the Venetian Lagoon and pulls into the station of Santa Lucia, in the heart of historical city of Venice.