Train Paris to Venice

Since December 2011, train Paris to Venice has been available via Thello night trains, using a route with stops at Venice, Padua, Vicenza, Verona, Brescia, Milan, and Paris.

As a night train, you can choose from sleeping berths up to 6 people, or a bunk sleeping place.

Tickets for the trains are available from Trenitalia web site (, at the station’s ticket sale booths, from travel agencies, or by calling the Call Center of Trenitalia.

Usually, the purchase of a Thello train ticket is both quick and easy, thanks to the available ticketless procedures.

To get discounted prices for the journey, most of the special offers are provided from up to 4 months before the date of travel, and up to 7 days before departure, most often with no changes or refunds.

Train Paris to Venice

PHOTO: Thello train at Gare de Lyon in Paris.

Thello night trains between Paris and Venice depart daily:

  • Venice (and Milan) to Paris, departing from Venice at 7:57pm, and arriving in Paris at 9:29am,
  • returning Paris to (Milan and) Venice, departing from Paris at 7:45pm, and arriving in Venice at 9:34am.

Both of these routes have stops in Padua, Vicenza, Verona, Brescia, Milan, and Dijon.

Arrival in Paris is both comfortable and practical, with the trains terminus being in the central station of Paris Gare de Lyon.

Accommodation within the trains are available in:

  • Berths of 6 and 4 passengers, with the option to choose an accommodation in compartments of “women-only”, which are available for berths in 4 places.
  • Bed cabins of triple, double, and single (all with sinks and breakfast included in the ticket price), with a choice of cabing for men, women, or families.

The crew onboard a Thello train is characterized by professionalism and efficiency, coordinating services to meet your travel needs: assistance in getting to the trains, preparing cabins, updated information during the travel, control of tickets, and collection of documents.

Dinner and breakfast, meanwhile, are served at the restaurant car, with full menus and a choice of à la carte in Italian and French cuisine.

Thello Bar is open non-stop throughout the journey, where you can spend pleasant hours in a relaxed atmosphere, with the option to purchase take-away products and enjoy them in the privacy of your cabin.

There is also a mini-bar trolley service in the evening and in the morning, going through all the train cars.