Venice Italy Tourism

Venice Italy tourism articles about topics including sightseeing, hotels, resorts, food, and local culture.

Resort Near Venice

A look into Lido di Jesolo, a resort near Venice, which has been a popular tourism destination since the late nineteenth century, when a popular bathing establishment was opened at Piazza Marconi.

Sightseeing in Venice Italy

Sightseeing in Venice Italy typically, for a visit of one day, includes St. Mark’s Square, Doge’s Palace, the Basilica of San Marco and the Rialto Bridge, for most tourists.

Venice Italy Attractions

Venice Italy attractions include a long is the list of churches, monuments, museums and palaces, from Doge’s Palace to the Accademia Gallery.

Doge’s Palace

Doge’s Palace (Palazzo Ducale in Italian) is a Venetian Gothic palace located in the heart of he city, at Piazza San Marco.

Tourism in Venice Italy

In terms of tourism in Venice Italy, the place is among the most important tourist destinations on earth, thanks to its famous works of art, unique location, and architecture.

Venice Arsenal

Venice Arsenal was historically the heart of the Venetian ship building, from the twelfth century onwards.

Peggy Guggenheim Museum Venice

Peggy Guggenheim Museum Venice, The Peggy Guggenheim Collection, is a small museum located along the Grand Canal in Venice, within Palazzo Venier dei Leoni, and as part of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation.

Information About Venice Italy

Information about Venice Italy, one of the few places in the planet, where every time you go there, even after several years, it seems to be suspended in time between reality and imagination, where reality always exceeds the imagination.

Venice Landmarks

A look into the more famous Venice landmarks from Piazza San Marco to Chiesa del Santissimo Redentor.

Interesting Facts About Venice Italy

A look into several interesting facts about Venice Italy, including its geography, famous people who’ve lived here, and why Venice was build into a lagoon.

Venice Festivals

A brief outlook of Venice festivals and events throughout the year, including the annual Carnivale, International Film Festival, and Festa della Madonna della Salute.

Venice Italy Food

Venice Italy food has a tradition of its own, being significantly different to the neighboring regions in Italy, as well as to the nearby Austrian and Slavic cuisines.

Pictures of Food from Venice

Pictures of food from Venice, of three of the most popular foods that you can order at the local restaurants: “risi e bisi”, “sarde in saor”, and “fegato alla Veneziana”.

Venice Food Guide

A short review of three Venice food guide books, “Chow! Venice”, “Francesco’s Kitchen”, and “Venezia Food & Dreams”.

Food Carnival of Venice

From food Carnival of Venice viewpoint, the annual masquerade festival is one of the best times to visit the city of bridges.

Restaurants in Venice Italy

A look into the regional cuisine restaurants in Venice Italy, providing Venetian delicacies such as ‘sarde in soar’ and other seafood specialties.

Port of Venice

Port of Venice has several main passenger facilities: Marittima, San Basilio, Santa Marta, Riva delle Zattere, and Riva degli Schiavoni.

Venice Italy Port Marittima

Find out about Venice Italy Port Marittima, consisting of five terminals used by cruise ships and ferries (to Greece).

Facilities of Venice Port

Look into the available facilities of Venice port, within the ‘Port Marittima‘ cruise terminals.

Venice Ferry Port

The main Venice ferry port is the ‘Stazione Marittima Magazzino 123‘. In total, the available ports are used by 357,664 ferry travelers each year.

Venice Cruise Terminal

The Venice cruise terminal buildings are the arrival points, if you are coming to the city by a boat.

Prince of Venice

Prince of Venice is a catamaran ferry that you can use to travel between Izola in Slovenia and Venice Italy.

Venice Airport Information

Venice airport information about L’aeroporto di Venezia-Tessera (Marco Polo Airport), an international airport 13 km from the center of Venice, named after the famous explorer Marco Polo.

Venice Airport Transportation

Venice airport transportation with water buses, buses, and how to get to the S. Lucia train station from the airport.

Airfare to Venice Italy

A look into how to get cheapest offers for a airfare to Venice Italy, and how to make the airlines compete for your business.

Venice Italy Train Station

Venice Italy train station – Saint Lucia station is the mail railway station of the city.

Train from Rome to Venice

Train from Rome to Venice is available as Frecciargento high speed trains, as well as InterCity, InterCityNotte, and EuroNight connections.

Train Paris to Venice

Since December 2011, train Paris to Venice has been available via Thello night trains, using a route with stops at Venice, Padua, Vicenza, Verona, Brescia, Milan, and Paris.

Train London to Venice

A look into the train London to Venice service from Orient-Express, which uses the route London-Paris-Venice.

Water Taxi in Venice

Water taxi in Venice services are provided by private boats for the transport of passengers around the city, differing from the public water buses by their small size (up to 12 people, including luggage).

Venice Vaporetto

Venice vaporetto is a type of boat used in the Italian city of Venice as a means of public transport, exploiting the Venetian canals, instead of streets.

Gondola Ride Venice

Gondola ride Venice is one top experiences in and symbols of Venice, a fun and romantic way to get around the city.

Gondola in Venice Italy

Gondola in Venice Italy is a boat typical to the Venetian lagoon, and a great, legendary way to enjoy the Venetian canals on a holiday.

Venice Gondola Poles

Venice gondola poles historically painted in the colors of the wealthy family that owned the docking place, with the corresponding gondoliers dressed in similar colors.

Gondola Rides in Venice

Gondola rides in Venice are especially popular for the types of romantic gondola rides, while the gondolier sings.

Venice Mestre

Venice Mestre is within the ‘terraferma‘ (mainland) part of the Venice, and popular among visitors for having inexpensive hotels and fast connections to the historical center.

Mestre Venice Italy Map

Find out Mestre Venice Italy map types from several resources, including satellite maps, details of the Mestre train station, and a information on birds eye view of the region.

Lido Beach Venice

Lido beach Venice are known for their fine golden sands, making them favorites with Venetians during the summer period, when locals flock to the island to enjoy a relaxation with the sun and the sea.

Day Trips from Venice

Day trips from Venice are available in several ways, with local businesses dedicated to offering you the best care and various options, from three or four hour excursions to all day trips.

Venice Masquerade Masks

The Venetian masquerade masks were (and are) an essential element of disguise during the Carnival of Venice.

Venetian Half Masks

Learn about Venetian half masks, such as columbina, which was originally designed for a popular Commedia dell’Arte actress, to cover only half of her beautiful face.

Venetian Jester Mask

Venetian jester mask of joker (male) and jolly (female) depict, during the Venice Carnival, the role of the Jester in the Italian Middle Ages.

Geography of Venice

A look into the geography of Venice and its islands, transportation within the lagoon, and how floods affect the Venetian historic center.

Sestieri of Venice

Sestieri of Venice are the six city districts of the historic center of Venice, Italy.

Venice Flooding

Venice flooding, locally known as “acqua alta”, or “high water” in English, is a phenomenon that affects the city usually during the winter period, when the astronomical tide, sirocco, seiche waves, or a combination of several of these elements, cause an increased flow of water into the lagoon of Venice.

Venice Italy Bridge

List of Venice Italy bridge constructs in the historic center.

Venice Churches

There are more than one hundred Venice churches in the lagoon city, with over 80 of them within the historic center of Venice (comprising of the main islands of the municipality).

History of Venice Italy

History of Venice Italy includes being a place of refuge (from ancient Roman cities) to its period as a major naval power, to today, as a major tourism destination.

A Short History of Venice

A short history of Venice, to give you an overview how the ancient city-state rose to global power.

Venice Floods History

Venice floods history, from the first recorded flood events up to the most latest records for high tides in the lagoon.

BBC History of Venice

“Francesco’s Venice” was a 4-part BBC history of Venice TV-series, originally broadcast in 2004, that has also been released on DVD (in 2006).

Weather Venice Italy

A review of resources for weather Venice Italy, how to find hourly, 10 day, and 15 day forecasts, as well as video weather reports and weather webcams in the city.

Venice Italy Webcam

Venice Italy webcam resources include official Citta di Venezia webcams of Grand Canal, Saint Mark’s Square, and Rialto bridge.

Venetian Fabrics

Venetian fabrics and tapestry has always been considered an important element in furnishing of the homes of the rich bourgeois of the city.

Antique Venetian Mirror

Antique Venetian mirror origins date back to the Renaissance, a time when Venice already stood out in this and other skills related to working with glass.

Venetian Costume

Venetian costume has traditionally been worn at the city’s carnival, along with masks, to conceal the wearer’s identity and set aside in any formalities relating to a social class, gender, or religion.

Street Map of Venice Italy

A review of street map of Venice Italy resources for some of the most memorable landmarks, buildings, and canals, made available by online maps services such as Google Maps and from downloadable services.

Caprera Hotel Venice Italy

The 2 star Caprera Hotel Venice Italy has a great location, within Cannaregio, the artistic city center of Venice.

Dolomiti Hotel Venice

Dolomiti Hotel Venice is a 2 star hotel in Cannaregio district of the city, operated by the Basaldella family for over 70 years.

Hotel Falier Venice Italy

Hotel Falier Venice Italy is a two star hotel, located within the artistic and historical center of Venice, just a few steps from Chiesa dei Frari (famous for Tiziano, Bellini and Donatello artworks).

Hotel Atlantide Venice

2 star Hotel Atlantide Venice is located within Cannaregio sestiere (district) of the city, near to the S. Luci train station and to Piazzale Roma, the car/bus terminus.

Raffaele Apartment Venice

2 star Raffaele Apartment Venice has a great location in Dorsaduro sestiere (district) of the city, not too far from Piazzale Roma, the car / bus terminus of Venice.

Adriatico Hotel Venice

2 star Adriatico Hotel Venice is located just meters from Santa Lucia train station, offering affordable accommodation within a comfortable, chic building.

Hotel Rivamare Venice Lido

Hotel Rivamare Venice Lido has a peaceful location within the largest island on the Venetian lagoon, only 20 meters from the nearest beach.

Hotel Italy Seguso Venice

Hotel Italy Seguso Venice offers affordable rooms within central Venice, just 200 meters from the nearest water bus (vaporetto) stop, with the Accademia Bridge being just a 5 minute walk away.

Airone Hotel Venice

2 star Airone Hotel Venice is an affordable place to stay in a great location within the city, close to the nearest vaporetto (water bus) station and across Ponte degli Scalzi from S. Lucia train station.

Ormesini Aparment Venice

Ormesini Apartment Venice (Complesso Ormesini) has 4 modern apartments within Cannareggio sestiere (district) of the city, only 10 minute walk from the S. Lucia train station.

Hotel San Salvador Venice

Hotel San Salvador Venice is a 2 star accommodation in a quiet area of the city, on Calle Galeazza, 50 meters from Rialto bridge, and 5 minutes walk from Saint Mark’s Square.

Hotel Galleria Venice Italy

Hotel Galleria Venice Italy is a small one star hotel, with just nine rooms, but situated in a wonderful, unique location on the Grand Canal, next to the Accademia Bridge in the district of Dorsoduro.

Hotel Locanda Silva Venice Italy

Hotel Locanda Silva Venice Italy is a small, 23 room hotel near Saint Mark’s Square, set in a historic building.

Casa Rezzonico

Casa Rezzonico is a one star accommodation is a quiet location adjacent to Carmini Church, only a 5 minute walk from Accademia Gallery and Ca Foscari University campus.

La Bricola Apartment Venice

La Bricola apartment Venice (Cà La Bricola 2) is a townhouse accommodation, located above a well-known restaurant, Ristorante La Bricola, a short walk (80 meters) from Saint Mark’s Square.

Casa Pisani Canal Hotel Venice

Casa Pisani Canal Hotel Venice is a small, 5 room guest house hotel, centrally located in Venice, overlooking the Santa Marina Canal.

Locanda La Corte Venice Hotel

Locanda la Corte Venice Hotel is located in an ancient 16th century, completely renovated Venetian building, in the heart of Venice, close to Saint Mark’s Square and Rialto Bridge.

Locanda Novo Hotel Venice

Locanda Novo Hotel Venice is located in the Cannaregio sestiere (district) of the city, a short walk from Rialto bridge, with the nearest water bus (vaporetto) stop at Ca d’Oro.

Hotel Arco Antico Venice

Hotel Arco Antico Venice is located within sestiere of Rialto, just 50 meters from the city’s main waterway, the Grand Canal.

Casa Cosmo Hotel Venice

Casa Cosmo Hotel Venice has a location between Saint Mark’s Square and Rialto Bridge, less than five minutes walking from each.

Locanda La Corte Hotel Venice

Locanda La Corte Hotel Venice is located within the quiet residential section of Castello sestiere (district), in an ancient, 16th century renovated building.

Charme Inn Venice

Charme Inn Venice is a charming, small design hotel Campalto, 7 minutes from historical center of Venice and 5 minutes from the Marco Polo Airport.

Arzere Apartment Venice

Arzere Apartment Venice is a bed and breakfast accommodation within the historical centre of Venice, close to the S. Lucia train station and Piazzale Roma car terminus.

Villa Casanova Venice Lido

Villa Casanova Venice Lido is housed in a 1930s building, with the nearest water bus (vaporetto) stop to the historical center of Venice just 200 meters away.

Palazzo La Scala Hotel Venice

Palazzo La Scala Hotel Venice has a great central location for a holiday in Venice, only 5 minutes walk from Saint Mark’s Square, the main tourist attraction in the city.

Venice Almoro Bed and Breakfast

Venice Almoro Bed and Breakfast is a great place to stay in Venice, within the sought-after Cannaregio district, just minutes from Rialto Bridge and Saint Mark’s Square.

Zattere Apartment Venice

Zattere Apartment Venice is a guest residence within the Dorsoduro sestiere (district) of Venice, only minutes on foot from Salute Church.

Hotel Palazzo Bembo Venice Italy

Hotel Palazzo Bembo Venice Italy, an ancient Venetian Doge’s residence, has a great location, right next to the famous Rialto Bridge, set in a historic palazzo building.

Hotel des Bains Venice Lido

Hotel des Bains Venice Lido was one of the best known hotels in Venice, built in 1900, which today houses some of the most sought-after luxury apartments in Lido.

Loredan Apartment Venice

Loredan apartment Venice is a bed & breakfast within the heart of the old Venice, next door to the Campo San Luca and close to the famous Scala Contarini del Bovolo.

Citta di Milano Hotel Venice

Citta di Milano Hotel Venice has a great location in Venice, just 200 meters from Saint Mark’s Square, within a historical building from the 17th century.

Venice Italy Airport

Venice Italy airport, Aeroporto di Venezia-Tessera “Marco Polo”, is the main international airport for the city, named after the famous explorer, Marco Polo.

Gondola Venice Italy

Gondola Venice Italy is a black boat with an oar, guided by a gondolier, historically used for transportation, but today available primarily for tourists.

Kette Hotel Venice Italy

Kette Hotel Venice Italy, located within the heart of the city, is located just a few steps from the Gran Teatro La Fenice and a about two minutes walk from Piazza San Marco, the city center.

History Carnival Venice

Oldest available records of history carnival Venice suggest that the first such festival was held in 1162, as a celebration of “Repubblica della Serenissima‘s” (as Venice was known at the time) victorious war against Ulrico, Patriarch of Aquileia….