Venice Italy Train Station

Venice Italy train station – Saint Lucia station is the mail railway station of the city.

From the station, there is an railway line with four tracks that reach the Mestre railway station, from where the various branch lines depart further towards Milan, Trento, Trieste, Udine and a minor line to Adria.

The station is a terminus on the 267 km Milan-Venice railway line.

S. Lucia is located at the western end of the Grand Canal, within the Cannaregio district.

The railway platforms in front of the station are connected to Piazzale Roma (a main car terminal of the city, as well as the terminus of all the lines of public transport heading towards Venice) from the bridge of the Constitution (a design by Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava), the fourth bridge over the Grand Canal.

Venice Santa Lucia train station

PHOTO: Venice S. Lucia train station, as seen from Ponte degli Scalzi.

Construction work on the railway began in 1860, and to make room for the station, several structures were demolished in 1861, including the convent and church of Saint Lucia (from which the station got its name), which stood on site of the station square.

The current station building is a result of a series of projects that begun in 1924, and an architecture competitions won by Angiolo Mazzoni and Virgil Vallot in the 1930s. The two architects collaborated from 1936 to 1943, creating the central part of the passenger building.

The work was completed nine years later (1952) by engineer Paul Perilli.

S. Lucia train station has gone through several renovations, the latest of which took place from November 2009, providing better organization of spaces, traffic flows inside the building, restoration of many architectural elements, and new commercial spaces.

The railway from Venice is connected to the mainland and Venice Mestre across a connecting bridge, the “bridge of Liberty”.

As a railway station, S. Lucia is within 13 of the largest stations in Italy.

Facilities within the station include ticket sales boots (including automatic ticket sales), a bar, newsstands, WCs, and water taxi stands.

From the S. Lucia station, you can access public transport, including vaporetto water taxis, and from the near Piazzale Roma, you can get motor services and taxis to the mainland.

Water bus, vaporetto, stops (piers) adjacent to the train station include the following ACTV lines:

1 P.le Roma – Ferrovia – Rialto – San Marco – Lido
2 San Zaccaria – Giudecca – Tronchetto – P.le Roma – Ferrovia – Rialto – San Marco – (Lido)
3 Murano – Ferrovia – P.le Roma (Tronchetto)
4.1 Murano – F.te Nove – Ferrovia – P.le Roma – Giudecca – San Zaccaria – F.te Nove – Murano
4.2 Murano – F.te Nove – San Zaccaria – Giudecca – P.le Roma – Ferrovia – F.te Nove – Murano
5.1 Lido – F.te Nove – Ferrovia – P.le Roma – San Zaccaria – Lido
5.2 Lido – San Zaccaria – P.le Roma – Ferrovia – F.te Nove – Lido
N San Zaccaria – Giudecca – Tronchetto – P.le Roma – Ferrovia – Rialto – San Marco – Lido (night line)