Venice Italy

Venice Italy is one of the great cities of this world. Here, you can savor the best in life, from Vivaldi concertos at picturesque Venetian churches to staying as a guest at one of the magnificent Renaissance palazzi…

…and having fun at the annual Carnival masquerade, enjoying breathtaking arts at the Biennale, or partying with movie stars during the International Film Festival weeks.

However, learning about this city on the Venetian lagoon prior to your travel can be a lot of work.

Much of the “meat-and-bones” information about the city is scattered in various blogs, official websites, and discussion forums.

Hunting for this information could take you weeks or more of extra time to put your travel plans together…time that you could spend for other things.

What I’ve done with this website, is to give you all the answers to the most frequently asked questions about Venice (covering over 70 major topics all in all)…

…providing the actual information that you will need to enjoy your stay here. Everything under one Venetian roof, so to speak.

You’ll also learn the most concise information for traveling smart to get here, getting the best deals along the way, including airfares, train & bus information, and hotel stays.

That is money saved you can put towards purchasing souvenirs such as….

  • famous Murano glass,
  • wonderful lace products from the Venetian lagoon island of Burano (La Perla shop on the main street is a good choice), and
  • luxurious Venetian masquerade half masks (the ones with the stick are my favorites!).

“Where is Venice Italy ?”

“Where is Venice Italy, exactly?” That’s a great question, and I’ve found a map that shows the city’s position within Italy, as well as the surrounding islands and districts.

Map of Venice Italy

MAP: Map of Venice, Lido, Murano, and Mestre. Also, a smaller map showing Venice in terms of the whole country. My favorite day-trip destination from Venice is Verona …just an hour and ten minutes by Trenitalia ( train (price: EUR 19 one-way). (map source: Wikipedia)

Strictly speaking, Venice consists of the historic city of Venice (Centro storico, marked as Venice on the map above), with about 60,000 Venetians living here.

However, the comune of Venezia also includes the terraferma (mainland) parts of Venice, primarily Mestre and Marghera, and…

…there are also around 31,000 people living in the other islands (Muranoand Burano, to name the most famous ones), within the Venetian lagoon.

Each of the areas within the lagoon has its own identity, and you’ll find highlights such as:

  • great nature walks within the island of Torcello,
  • colorful houses and outstanding seafood restaurants in Burano,
  • world-class shopping and famous landmarks within centro storico, and
  • miles of top-notch beaches & golf in Lido.

In short, there’s something for everyone in Venice!

What’s even better, is that for the many cruiseline visitors to Venice, the most important landmarks are very close to one another…

Which means there is no hurry from one sight to another (at all). All you need is a little pre-planning.

Venice Italy Hotels

Questions about Venice Italy hotels is one of the hot topics among people coming to this great city for a visit…long term or just for a weekend city break.

Staying here is usually not cheap, and you have to plan ahead to get a good deal.

Increasing number of tourists to this unique city (with the number of hotels staying about the same) is just one of the major things pushing prices higher…

…and it doesn’t help that the maintenance costs of hotel buildings in Venice will always be very high.

The highest prices for hotels are often within the banks of Grand Canal, and near either Rialto bridge or St. Mark’s square.

Hilton Molino Stucky Hotel Venice Italy

PHOTO: View to the five star Hilton Stucky Molino, one of the best hotels in Venice (and also one of the most expensive!).

To get a cheaper deals on a hotel, you can try some of the popular ways to save on accommodation in Venice, including…

  • staying at a lower star rated hotel within the sestieri of Cannaregio or Castello,
  • choosing one of the reasonably priced hotels in Lido, or
  • commuting to Venice from mainland, typically from Mestre.

Personally, I like to compare prices from as many sources as possible before committing to any one hotel.

Great online services for doing room price comparisons for Venice include, Hotwire, and Of these, with Hotwire, you won’t know the name of the hotel until after you’ve made the deeply discounted hotel reservation.

If you are in Venice for the Carnival or for the international film festival, the priorities for choosing a hotel are a bit different.

Most of the main public Carnival festivities are centered around St. Mark’s square, so you should consider taking a room within that area, San Marco sestiere.

However, for many, the highlight of the Carnival are the private partieswithin the better Venice hotels…

…so you could plan your hotel stay in order to get into one of these outstanding events (you might be able to purchase tickets even if you’re not a guest at the hotel).

For the film festival, Lido is the place to be, because that’s where the film screenings take place (although George Clooney often chooses to stay nearer centro storico, at Hotel Cipriani).

If you want to combine being in Lido to a convenient access to central Venice, you can take one of the three to four star hotels located next to the Lido vaporetti (waterbus) station…including:

  • Hotel Villa Laguna (****), Hotel Panorama (****), and Hotel Riviera (***).

3 Stars Venice Hotel

Of the about hundred 3 stars Venice hotel accommodations, you can find the most suitable for any budget for your vacation…for a short city break or long-term stay.

Luxury Hotels Venice Italy

Luxury hotels Venice Italy include Bauer Il Palazzo, Hotel Metropole, Hilton Molino Stucky Venice, The Westin Europa & Regina, and Boscolo Venezia Autograph Collection.

Venice Italy Tourism

Venice Italy tourism articles about topics including sightseeing, hotels, resorts, food, and local culture.

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