Vienna Christmas Market

The biggest Vienna Christmas market, ‘Wien Christkindlmarkt’, is held from late November to Christmas day — at the Wiener Rathaus square.

In Vienna, you have a choice from many Christmas markets, in fact, most notably including…

  • Spittelberg Christmas market and
  • University of Vienna (campus) Christmas market.

What’s common to the Viennese Christmas marketplaces, is that they typically feature:

  • a range of products, all potential Christmas presents
  • servings of traditional foods, and
  • stalls selling “Glühwein“, a heated & spicy Christmas wine.

Wiener Rathaus

PHOTO: Wiener Rathaus, whose square houses the annual main Christmas market in Vienna.

Despite the variety of alternative Christmas markets, the main Wiener Rathaus square market is the most classic and most visited of them all.

Its history goes back as far as 1296, when Emperor Albrecht I gave the Viennese a right to organize a “Dezembermarkt” (“December Market”), a predecessor to today’s markets.

However, it has been only since 1975 that the place has been organized at the square in front of Wiener Rathaus.

Around 140 sellers are available at the marketplace, with over 3 million people visiting the area, with about 500,000 of them from other countries.

You can see the current Christmas market program and the description for the sellers from the event’s official website, at