Water Taxi in Venice

Water taxi in Venice services are provided by private boats for the transport of passengers around the city, differing from the public water buses by their small size (up to 12 people, including luggage).

In Venice, water taxi services are organized as cooperatives, associations, and companies.

However, it is the City Council of Venice that sets the standard rates and assigns official licenses to the operators.

In turn, the water taxi operators must display these permits on the sides of the boats: a yellow, green, or red sticker, depending on the type of service.

It is a good idea to pay special attention that you always use a licensed taxi, in order to avoid the risk of paying inflated sums for the ride.

In addition to the S. Lucia railway station, water taxi ranks are located within the most strategic points of the city.

When you climb on-board a water taxi that provides for the carriage of passengers and luggage, the taxi meter’s time starts ticking, as soon as you are aboard and the ride starts.

The Venice City Council advises that you should always check the minimum and maximum prices of the ride, as shown on board and within the dock, before boarding.

Also, you should always check that the side windows of the boat have the yellow sticker with the official number, as assigned by the City of Venice for the water taxi.

Water taxi in Venice Italy

PHOTO: Water taxi in Venice piers.

Another type of water taxi, however, is the rental service with a driver, which provides a specific service time and / or travel upon request.

These taxis, of which there are two types, are distinguished by identification, and are also exercised only by persons with municipal authorization.

The identification for water taxis with capacity for over 20 persons is 2 adhesive bands + 2 red adhesive red bands with the words Gran Turismo and the authorization number.

Identification for water taxis with capacity for less than 20 persons, meanwhile, is 2 adhesive bands of green that bear the license number and boat’s registration number, as well as a flag bearing the words “noleggio” in black letters on a green background.

One way to get a water taxi, in addition to going to a water taxi pier, is to call “Radiotaxi Veneto”, whose operations center – located in Padova – sends you the nearest water taxi.

The “Radiotaxi Veneto” service covers the yellow cabs, but not the rental services.

In terms of build, the water taxis are special types of boats, made to pass under the Venetian bridges, having comfortable armchairs, and available at all hours, even in adverse climates.

Water taxi companies in Venice:

  • Coop Veneziana
  • Soc Narduzzi Solemar
  • Soc Marco Polo
  • Consorzio Motoscafi Venezia (operating over 100 water taxis in Venice, www.motoscafivenezia.it)
  • Soc Serenissima
  • Coop Serenissima
  • Venezia Taxi
  • Soc Sotoriva