Weather Venice Italy

A review of resources for weather Venice Italy, how to find hourly, 10 day, and 15 day forecasts, as well as video weather reports and weather webcams in the city.

When planning your holiday in Venice, you should keep an eye on the monthly temperatures, and decide, whether the weather fits your plans.

The warm summer months are the most popular for tourism in Venice for a reason, as the winter months can be very cold, and not very suitable for, say, taking a gondola ride.

Weather Venice Italy

PHOTO: Extreme weather in Venice: flooding, locally known as ‘acqua alta’, at Saint Mark’s Square.

Accuweather – Venice Italy

Accuweather is one of the biggest weather forecasting services, providing forecasts and climate information to over 175,000 clients worldwide.

Although their biggest clients are from media, such as TV stations (the company also operates their own cable channel in 56 markets, The Local AccuWeather Channel), you can also access their weather forecasts for Venice for free, through, where the forecasts come from a staff of 113 meteorologists.

The website weather services include video forecasts of upcoming weather in Venice and Veneto region, weather maps for the historical city center within the Venetian lagoon, and radar weather maps of current weather.

You can also find Venice weather forecasts for hourly, 10 day, and 15 day periods.

The Weather Channel

24-hour cable TV channel ‘The Weather Channel’ is one of the most used weather service providers in the U.S., and you can access their weather forecasts for Venice through the free web service,

In addition to the U.S. market, the company has operations throughout the planet, including a sister channel in Canada (The Weather Network in English and MétéoMédia in French), and websites in Brazil (Canal do Tempo), UK (Weather Channel), France (Météo 123), and Germany (Wetter 123).

Among the portfolio of The Weather Channel services is also “Weather Underground”, another popular weather forecasting online service.

For Venice, the free resources from TWC include current weather, weather forecasts and forecasts maps up to 10 days forward, monthly weather forecasts (based on historical data), and video & map weather information for Venice.